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Who or what decided that your 20s are for finding love? What created the belief that finding a mate in young adulthood is the only way to ensure you are not alone in old age? Where did this fear of running out of time for love come from?

Marriage, which derives from the Latin word marītāre meaning to provide with a husband or wife, is defined as the culturally recognized merger between elements (Merriam-Webster, 2020). The word element is used to encompass the full capacity of marriage across the various civilizations that exist throughout the world where the idea of…

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Why is society so fascinated with the death of musicians?

Why is an artist’s art more valuable after they pass away?

Should there be a time to retire a musician’s music and image after they die?

These are some of the questions I have when looking at the trajectory of fallen musicians across music history. The trend shows that numerous musical artists experience career influxes following their deaths. Additionally, the growth they experience in response to their passing greatens if the musicians die in an interesting or tragic way. Mainstream culture has shown a consistent affinity for sensationalizing the passing…

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Music television was once the visual outlet that connected artists to their audiences. However, in recent years, the popularity of social media has rebranded both the delivery and expectation of music.

History of Music Tv

Music changed forever in the 1980s with the birth of the music video. Though rooted in musical short films from the 1920s, the music video’s reign evolved in the 80s under a production most similar to what plays today. Black Entertainment Television, (BET) first launched on January 25, 1980 with a queue of music videos and popular Black sitcom reruns. Music Television, (MTV) premiered to…

Black Women’s Portrayal in Media: Who Controls Her Narrative? — MMMEDIA

Cover art by @regius4k

How much of who the Black woman is in society is up to her?

I know what you’re going to say, and yes, you’re right. From systemic racism, sexism, colorism, poverty, etc, the Black woman in America is a product of many limiting elements. In fact, Black women are the most disrespected species on earth according to civil rights leader Malcolm X. Born both Black and a woman, Black women have known little protection throughout history.

I agree. It seems irrational to argue that anything the Black woman does…


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